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Founded by Valentino Garavani in 1960 in Rome, Maison Valentino was born. During the golden age of Italian cinema, Valentino dressed stars from Sophia Loren to Elizabeth Taylor, while icon Jackie Kennedy also chose the Italian fashion house as her preferred designer.

As the first Italian designer to present his Haute Couture collections in Paris, Valentino was known for transforming female style for almost half a century, creating beauty that women, around the world, dreamt of. With his sense of romance, commitment to craftsmanship and striking use of the official Valentino red, Valentino established a couture fashion house which celebrated each woman’s individuality.

Designing under Valentino Garavani since 1999, Pierpaolo Piccioli took over as Valentino Creative Director in 2016. Sourcing inspiration from Valentino’s colour sensibility and his technical mastery, Pierpaolo Piccioli brings the couture house’s heritage into a new modern relevance. Marrying innovation with tradition, haute couture with street culture, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino creates its own harmony.

Born in couture, the very definition of uniqueness and newness, a love for beauty lies in the heart of Maison Valentino. To create collections steeped in heritage yet of breathtaking modernity, Pierpaolo Piccioli pushes the boundaries of runway beauty: playful romanticism for one look, unprecedented audacity the next, always with a freedom of interpretation.

Today, a new door opens into this world of creative non-conformity. In collaboration with Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino Beauty reveals beauty as an open playground where new dreams come to life. An invitation to individual expression of diversity and personality by creating impactful colours, shades and tones for all to play with. To carry this message of inclusivity, Valentino Beauty chooses ambassadors like Adut Akech or Lady Gaga, who speak for the power of using individual platform for purpose.

Through the three codes of: Colour, Cool, Couture, Valentino Beauty breaks from stereotype and tradition, to offer a new vision of beauty where each can celebrate their own individuality. For each moment a mood, for each mood a colour. Valentino Beauty imagines a lip collection as evolving objects of desire, that can be refilled to encourage more responsible beauty. In the same spirit, Valentino Beauty gifts come wrapped in beautiful tote bags, because beautiful can also be sustainable.

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